CannaFest 2021 Recap

CannaFest 2021 Went Down Sunday 9/19/21

“CannaFest”(TM) is a cannabis-themed event that features a vendor’s trade show, custom car, and motorcycle exhibition, and concert performance by local and national artists.

CannaFest IS NOT a come get high event. Sorry potheads =)
A hand full of attendees and one vendor left pissed off but hey it was a great day.

Virginia Law prohibits smoking in public, and the Virginia Beach Convention Center put regulations on the event all the way up until 3:20 pm on Friday before the event and changed vendor policies. There were undercover law enforcement officers from federal and local agencies as well as federal and state lawmakers and cannabis-friendly politicians.

CannaFest was a perfect opportunity for cannabis aficionados to come together to and connect with vendors who have a chance to share, display, demonstrate, and discuss their latest products and services while being entertained through a number of expressive activities such as a custom car and motorcycle show and musical performances by local and national artists.

“CannaFest”(TM) is an official trademark of Anthony R. Brown Sr. and Assertive Multimedia LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

CannaFest Concert

Cannafest 2021 was headlined by Grammy Award-Winning group Blackstreet who performed LIVE in Virginia Beach for the 1st time in over a decade. It was the 25th Anniversary of their smash hit “NO DIGGITY” and Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer awarded Blackstreet the Key to the City and Proclaimed September 19th Blackstreet Day in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Also Performing:

CannaFest Car & Bike Show

For our first year the turnout was low but one car and one bike still won $500 for Best In Show.
Congratulations Robin Barnett, Best in Show Car Winner & Jay Bruno Best in Show Bike Winner.

SPONSORED BY: Cals By Cal and Proh Wellness


All vendors, participants, and attendees are urged to follow the laws related to cannabis and keep this event free of legal infractions.

  • Adults 21 years and older may possess not more than one ounce of cannabis for personal use.
  • Generally, adults 21 years and older may use marijuana in private residences. However, nothing prohibits the owner of a private residence from restricting the use of marijuana on its premises.
  • “Adult sharing” or transferring one ounce or less of marijuana between persons who are 21 years or older without remuneration is legal. “Adult sharing” does not include instances in which (i) marijuana is given away contemporaneously with another reciprocal transaction between the same parties; (ii) a gift of marijuana is offered or advertised in conjunction with an offer for the sale of goods or services; or (iii) a gift of marijuana is contingent upon a separate reciprocal transaction for goods or services.


  • It remains illegal for anyone to possess more than one ounce of marijuana. Individuals found guilty of possessing more than one ounce, but not more than one pound of marijuana are subject to a civil penalty of not more than $25. Individuals found guilty of possessing more than one pound are subject to a felony.
  • It remains illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume, purchase, or possess marijuana, or to attempt to consume, purchase or possess any amount of marijuana.
  • It remains illegal to distribute or sell marijuana, and/or to possess any amount of marijuana with the intent to distribute or sell it. This prohibition applies equally to businesses, which will not be permitted to sell, “gift,” or in any other way distribute marijuana.
  • Existing safety measures remain in place, including prohibiting use of marijuana while driving a motor vehicle or while being a passenger in a motor vehicle being driven; possessing marijuana on school grounds, while operating a school bus, in a motor vehicle transporting passengers for hire, or in a commercial vehicle.
  • It remains illegal to consume marijuana or offer marijuana to another person in any public place.